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LAST CALL Morgan Flat-Weave Rug

Aelfie rugs are designed in Brooklyn and handmade by artisans in India.

  • Size 8x10 and 9x12
  • 80% wool, 20% cotton.
  • Reversible.
  • Sizes are listed in feet.
  • Spot clean. Vacuum.
  • Handmade.

*Dimensions may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of our rugs*

Our lead times are estimates and often items arrive sooner than expected. For a more precise lead time or to expedite a delivery, please email us at

Want to get a feel for the color & texture of this rug before purchasing? You can! Order a 1x1 sample which can be returned & refunded when a rug order is placed. *Please note scale of sample does not reflect actual scale of rug.*

For custom orders, please contact us. 

Need a rug pad?

This rug is like the MVP of the Aelfie team. It is edgy yet upscale, so it works for pretty much everyone. No one will not like it. Like, you could invite the entire A$AP Mob over to your house, offer them all house slippers and drink slanted spiced apple cider with them around this rug. They would be like, “yo, I like your rug. Very RVRE.” Everyone else would like your rug too, who isn’t A$AP, but that’s not as fun to think about because it is only fun to think about fun things. This rug can be your fun friend while you are doing your taxes like the grown ass person you are trying to be but it will remind you that everything in your life is basically a total win and you have gotten to the point where taking care of teeth and taxes are boss status.

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Ready to ship in 2 days

Need a rug pad? Add one!
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